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DVD Anime Hentai - Mission of Darkness / Custom Slave

Import Sex Cartoon Porn DVD - Engels gesproken - geen nl. ondertiteling

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 DVD Anime Hentai - Mission of Darkness / Custom Slave

Mission of Darkness :

At the same time a mysterious meteorite drops from space, women are found murdered all over Japan with holes in them and containing alien semen. The government uses passion-filled hormones to lure the monster into a trap, but the monster becomes more powerful than ever. At that moment, a giant Venus comes to the rescue. Features the voices of adult film star Nicole Sheridan.

Custom Slave :

Arisugawa Academy. An all-girl school well known for its high standards with the upper class. However, there is a dark side to this educational facility. The Chairman of the academy, Hiroaki Takahashi, is actually a member of a secret organization whose prime objective is to cater to the sexual desires of government officials. Sayoko Musky has fallen into the hands of this sinister being, who leads her to the path of libido. A high-class, well-behaved student...A horny, wicked sex slave...which is the true her?

Adult Cartoon Sex DVD 72 min.

euro 8.89